Alain "Alien to Touch"

Alain came to Jitka via spending with her the only one day given to them on that ocassion. However the experience of meeting was very thrilling and then he had to come back again to stay several days so they could find out more about the unique way of responding on each other and the special nature of their mutual interaction

Jitka and Alain are trying to find out their special way of interpersonal communication through geographical distance and basically different ways of personal development. They proceed using Jitka's skills of language and communication system principles and its impact on world-reality shaping and Alain's mastering shiatsu and work with energy in the purest form. Plus Alain's deep interest in phenomenological philosophy and social sciences and Jitka's years of yoga practices.

Ability of absolute concentration and reflection, focussing and following only the necessary logical consequences and desire for new self-developing experiences are the tools we use to invent a mutual platform for exchanges.

Even after great turbulences, plains of silence and seeming sheer disconnections it appears now again that we still go on emerging on a new level already.

Hope we will be able to invent a new way how to turn it all into a coherent story and set it onto a new stage for real and continue into new and not-before-existing space.

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After Long Hesitations a Simple Step

Jitka | 06/09/2011

Dear Alain,
I felt - busy with lots of necessary stuff to do (still I am) - that I should let you speak first.
Actually I guess we both moreless silently agreed on this already when you were leaving Prague - that it would be now your turn to gain for us the important things by trying to express yourself through language.
Well, time went by and we both had lots to do, and as the silence grew bigger the original intention rotted completely.
Then we happened to follow different pathes in the busy times and we lost each other from sight and only held the concept of possible mutual communication but not the real possibility anymore.
Then it changed again - even when you were sending me the short note about feeling almost completely disconnected I already knew that it was a message about new contact (otherwise you wouldn't even feel the urge to let me know) while I was experiencing thinking of you in this newly open level also for several days.
Well - then it ended up with your message that you would soon let me know of the important parts of your story, changes and twists - and I'm patient enough to wait for it as long as necessary.
But since huge changes happened here too and I can see very easy way how to let you know - I finally understand that this could be a starting point for our new stage of communication.
I will not say more for now only give you the link - the website is reflecting a long term idea of mine (you will uderstand this immediately), but we only started to build it a week ago and it is still poor, as we are using just a free domena and limited editing system (not familiar with all the jungle of these worlds), and only the first several days of constructing are behind me, filling it frenetically with first version texts and clumsily structured links, not even worked out proper graphic and mostly not filled in with all the connected stuff we already have on our minds/in our lives - it will all get quickly much better once set on working... but for now - well, no need to say especially to you more than this.
The link is here:
You just lay your eyes on it and go deep - as I know you can.
And then give me your story in the best way possible.

PS: The energy flows in my body connecting me vividly with all the rest of the world are just incredibly clear and alive. Willing to find in these rushy times also more occasions to focuss on them and let it improved and enlarged behind any imaginations ;)

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