F-CAPTIVATED: Net of People

Remember you are only in the Demoverse yet. I just put in here several important people who crossed my life...

Agniezska Pokrywka, PL/NOR   Alain Touch, France                   Pali Díaz, Argentina; Performer

Videoartist, Graphic Design      Shiatsu Masage, Aikido             TheatreTeacher, Illustrator

Agniezska Pokrywka


Ivan M. Havel (founder of CTS)                  Tereza Hajná

This great complex personality let me        My life-counterpart and for more then 10 years

kindly for 2 years wander through his         my prime partner in exploring life. My teacher

mind and memories and introduced me      about physical limits, pain and beauty

in a great style to the history of their          and my introducer into lucid states of mind

family, generation and our nation and        experiences. And much more.

helped me to deepen my understanding

both scientific theories and real life.












Greg Egan, Australian hard philosophical scifi writer, and a great inspirator
of the not before existing principles of human development and its logical consecvences

both for the people captured in societies (worshipers of the sameness, believers in comunity)

and individuals captivated by the beauty (and solitude) of uniqueness.

I might be one of his solitair characters

haven't been a step ahead by being already alive,

creating them so beautiful by reading ;)

Read more.







Věra Linhartová, born in Czech, living alone and hidden in the centre of Paris.

Thinking on. A strong, solitair and beautiful mind tirelesly and quietly digging

her lifelong hole through the languages and other people desires

transformed into art... Read more.













Zdeněk Sýkora, Czech painter and mathematist, who was incredibly using pseudorandom

numbers generators (even before he could use computers for it) to trace how the human mind

creates and understands selforganized structures - how it comes we understand something

as a structure when it is not a repetitive patern. ... Read more.


There would be nothing without my beautiful mother Ludmila who simply is here for me

in the same unconditional way as universe whatever shape I take her love only grows

as it is necessary for everything alive in time and so my love for her grows within.

And without my grandmother Anna from whom I mostly know

this mirroring and telling picture so far.