Zdeněk Sýkora, Czech painter and mathematist, who was incredibly using pseudorandom

numbers generators (even before he could use computers for it) to trace how the human mind

creates and understands selforganized structures - how it comes we understand something

as a structure when it is not a repetitive patern.

Actually he was doing the same - only added one extra step using an abstract mathematic operation which alowed him to get more complicated structures behind human power of focussing in one direction long after getting useful results - as I do when I reflect the structure I'm creating after every step again in full and considering the new whole shape I deside newly from the new comprehension how to continue. And after making another line I stop and reflect the new whole again with a new result to make in the new conditions of the very new moment which has never been before. The structure then is a record of reflecting the selforganized process of understanding - inventing myself in time.

This is the  "technique" which helped me to realize also the creative nature and power of seeing, listening, moving, thinking, speaking etc.

The works based on these processes are e. g. The Selfportrait or The Heating, The TreeingWall, The Carpet (my Tribute to Zdeněk Sýkora) etc. Or also in a way such a project as the Installation Reconstructed.