Books Edited (selection)

Greg Egan: Luminous

Greg Egan is simply one of the brightest, fastest and not-scared brains on the planet these days (plus Christopher Nolan, me and few more).

Five years ago I'd be glad to have a chance to buy a new book by him. Then he stopped to be translated into Czech (no money or will to publish such exclusively hard philosophical science-fiction). Nowadays I'm proud to be his prime-editor who even managed to help him back to the Czech market and to Czech readers again.



H. P. Lovecraft - Collected Works - volumes 1-4

First volume already sold out - in half a year from publishing. Working on the 3rd volume these days.










Jim Thompson: The Killer Inside Me

The cursed Winterbottom Movie :)

Daniel Wallace: The Big Fish

Editing now

Neal Stephenson: Anathem

One of the most remarkable authors of nowadays too, specially thanks to the book Cryptonomicon (Czech version) and this one comming: