Remembrance of the Dead: 02-11-2011

03/11/2011 08:35

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I bought several new clothes today. For today's the day to remember our dead. In my life I've already lost several important people. And I invented a habit to buy a new dress (I'm only rarely buing me clothes) in connection with every death or loss of people who were alive to me once. It makes a huge sense - everytime dressing, undressing, changing I'm aware of the value of people, relations taken on/off, the loss and gain. Specific, unreplaceable lifestories, beginnings endings. I went to the Ludmila church today but they don't allow people to lit candles there (the warmth of the flames isn't good for the gold on the walls) and even if they would allow one small candle to me (and they would), I wanted more. So I returned back home and litted all the candles needed for my lost people here in my room. To watch them, with the new dress on me. Recalling memories, understanding the gain of loss, the gain we still can take from those taken from us. My late autumn harvest after harvest.