We spent the whole year 2o13 in India and Nepal to escape disturbances and achieve new quality of concentration and consciousness and find new tools even for a satisfying life in Europe

15/01/2014 08:32

Both the website and the physical B-12 residency were put to sort of hibernation during the year 2o13 for all the 3 of us left from Europe on 30 Dec 2o12. We spent all the year in India and Nepal - most of the time just thinking, discusing, and again and again reconsidering our life-situation - we already know for sure that we can't anymore follow these economical & bussiness principles which destroy any real quality and value a single unique individual is capable to create when left under any stress and artificial needs. When Jitka escaped all these principles last time in summer 2o12 she surprisingly discovered that a human being is in no need even for food or any further nutrition except for sunlight when left alone to be fully and unlimitedly concentrated. She spent 4 months of fluent undisturbed conscious existence living in a simple cabin in the woods where she was mostly just breathing, doing yoga and taking care of an old overgrown garden in a deep connection to the plants and even in a tuning communication with them. Every single minute she was taking a progress, discovering new facts about life itself and deepening her understanding to the nature of human life. And it was a happy state. She only interrupted this way after 4 months because it was leading her too far from all other people and she was missing some specific mode of alive and true communication with others as an inner part of this happy development. She actually seeks for this sort of communiation with other her whole life since she was first aware of herself and after this crucial experience she is even more willing to find the way to achieve both the personal and interpersonal undisturbed developement in some sort of higher harmony. Anyway. This and other our experiences we gained during the year 2o12 (Ondřej's and Oldřich's travels to Greece in revolt, Jitka's journey to the wise island of Kos or her experiences with cows on the little farm of her friends etc.) led to our final conclusion and we stopped working for money for good, quit all those nowhere-leading conversations and cooperations with people who are not experienced enough and stay trapped in the frozen structures of money making and career building and we left from Europe to achieve enough piece for our minds and concentrations and increase our abilities, widen our consciousnesses and change upto such a state that would lead us to continue with developing our lives further on in some different mode and maybe even find some new smart way how to deal with Europe and what is nowadays called Western style of life and use it for the best. We had no idea how long or far we have to travel and where we end up and if we ever come back... Well, after the 12 months spent in various modes of solitude either on the empty ocean side in South India or in Indian or Nepali Himalayas, both away from people and building up new kinds of relations and making profound observations on people everywhere we went... after all that new and broad range of experiences we inhaled and absorbed with unstressed lungs, hearts and minds we found ourselves coming back to meet Europe again and see what is possible to do here for life when strictly knowing what torturings we are not capable of submit to anymore. It is painful now, full of non-acceptance on the side of other people full of pressure from all the structures and we are now staying here bare and helpless - but with the feeling that some way has to show up if only we can stand it long enough. We already have some ideas and try to realize them now - looking for the right funds, sorces and curious people. Let's see what we can do, once knowing for sure very brightly what we can't.

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