Reconstruction - tracing the mind behind and changing the artist's perspective

22/08/2011 11:55

This installation was originally made by a German guy Ch. who was taking part on a Prague Quadriennal 2011 project but was not satisfied with it and left for more personal quest (actually came up to this desicion the very same day when Jitka met him and gave him several tough personal questions on this topic, while she was getting closer interested into the same event for different purpose). After Ch. had left both the project and city of Prague Jitka was shown - by another involved guy, Simon from Austria, who was participating on the same event and not by any chance was the only person which got somewhat closer to Ch. and afterwards awakened also Jitka's interest - this marwellous piece of art speaking in given context so clearly about huge concentration, reflectiveness and momentar loneless of its author.
The piece of art was ment only to be left behind, same tresh as it's been before, not ment to be shown to anybody anymore, left forgotten in the building which was to be demolished soon. Only Simon understood this unique quality and that Jitka'd possibly be interested.
What occured to Jitka after seeing it was simple but impressive idea: to reconstruct the installation at our place of B-12, in her S-pace of Being Gallery together with Simon (who held Ch. e-mail address) and to take photos of the reconstruction, make it a photo-exhibition and send the link via e-mail to Ch. to make him know that after all his lonelless which made him leave he left behind people who got aware of his personality by tracing him through his most lonely and self-reflective work.
Actually Simon alone took the photos of the original installation, then dismantled it and together with Jitka moved the pieces in a trolley (on foot through the very Prague centre with it) to the Farcaster B-12 place. Then they reinstalled it according to the original Simon's photos and then the very same day Simon went home to Vienna.
It was left to Jitka to do most of the photos of the reconstructed installation and the whole thing emerged into a new level for her - Jitka was now tracing the Simon's mind focused on Ch. deliberate mandala installation on purpose of taking the proper photos to catch it all - and while she was doing so she even found out many more mistakes they made with Simon when reconstructing the original.
When the photoreconstruction was done Jitka wrote "an open letter for Ch." to explain not only to him but also to the other participants of the original PQ11 event who might be interested (all of them personally touched by Ch. leaving the event) what was going on from her point of view and sent all of them the letter and the link of the photoexhibition.
It really made an impact on several people and the story is still going on. Ch. wrote back, Simon stays interested and at least two or three other people got cought too and stay alerted and potential.