How to join us

This school by the definition can't have any followers.

Nothing stable stays in time to be followed, taught or repeated, our past changes fluently as we do, irreversibly and in full, and we always have to create it all new again in the new state of the whole. Sentences often stay, but the meaning is already level different, part of enlargened structure.
To join us you have to catch us, to catch up with us - and while you can't enter any present state of this school which is only ment to be always eluding from its former shape into new and making the passing time existence real this way - the only possible way how you can join this life project is to make your own reflection on us, the most interesting you are able to create, and capture us this way in a new state of your mind and make us by any means reflect on this change.

You have to intrude, to capture us in your point of view and make us feel it and willing to give you a proper response, because we would find ourselves irresistibly captivated by reflecting on what you can mean to us. You will recreate us this way, push us fluently to new state of the whole network. Our new reflection will then be necassarily including you - and since then you will never stop to be part of this project and you will always change the network state with everything you will or will not be able to do with our own possibilities, otpions and development in time.