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residency at Farcaster questions

Linda Anderson | 05/02/2016

Hi, I'm an artist interested in a residency for a month or so. I've been to Prague and would like to do some work based on what I saw and experienced. I couldn't find any cost information, but it seems there are couch surfing opportunities. I do have some friends in Prague. I like to normally do installations based on theoretical conditions but am open to varying the size eye based on what is available. Hopefully I'd like to visit in the spring, April through May or June. Looking forward to hearing from you.
Sincerely, Linda

any residency running ?

markus nieden | 07/01/2015

hi fellows from kinokabaret
you might remember me,markus from nightporter

film plse send me infos

Felt enlightned visiting

Tom ' World Viewer ' Kumar | 13/01/2013

I liked the FARCASTER and believe it could alter thinking of people to utilize their hidden strengths and capabilities.

Thanks for sharing, Jitka !!

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