"In 100 years, you'll be dust - but structured dust." -jc-


"I'm not going to enclose myself in any idea of lasting partnership of two people growing together... this can practically work without a necessity to think in such bounderies. I can still see myself as a singular being participating on every process alive in a huge structure of different kinds of partnerships growing into new shapes, taking what is desired at the moment to create the most fascinating and meaningful piece of art-life. This is how I already am in the world: cultivating special connection with anyone who is alive, curious and presented and already creating a unique shape in reflective interaction with me - and me harmonizing the whole picture and entering the singular relations with the wisdom of the whole of my entire life in every moment." -jc- (from a love letter of course)


"Life IS organic, that's the basic definition. You can start on this - and continue - there is no pattern for next second, you can invent yourself organically into new once you follow time-flow and don't try to mimic any past state(ment) - that'd be organic way too, only organic way of cancer." -jc-


"The smallest things are the most dangerous at all - the smallest pieces noticed on the way mean that a man has to travel the biggest distance to get over the last smallest part to meet the point otherwise they miss it, get it wrong - the distances which look so small are dangerous for being overlooked and for the fact that the smallest difference always bears the most important change of meaning." -jc-


"The real life-surfers - even if they might be proclaimed artists, authors, philosophers or scientists - only create the texts or pieces of artwork as necessary by-products on their way of getting better skilled, experienced and on the quest for inventing and hunting new levels and thrilling momentary shapes of reflected reality."


"Will be on recieve, and will take and enlarge everything you have got to let me know. The story can't be cut off whatever it is going to be. Meanings only grow through time."