Art by Farcaster's definition is what as left traces marks your life when you live absolutely open and reflected life. A row of neccessary side-products of inventing beauty and deepening personal understanding things, with inner developement and always unpredictable, but most logical resultings. It can have any shape and expression, which stays to be communicated and which by any means and on any level brings into the communicated reality a message of something originally and recognizably new, both surprising and logically inevitable. 

Basically everyone differs from others and we only share the materials, environment, momentary setting and tools of communication - but never the driving reasons and conditions, the capability of use, neither the results, the meanings. People differs, therefore we are not able to share our selves and become same, but we are able and free to interact unpredictably (yet on logical base) thanks to our mutual and not crossable differences and even deepen them into full possible shapes. Captured people fear the solitude which noticed differences leave them in - captivated people desire to differ even more, not less, to grow on one's personal shape. Understood solitude is the starting point for possible interaction to them.



Most of the people don't want to fully see their solitude - loneleness in their own meanings - and they are more or less attracted to repeating rituals, phrases and sentences (moving through both the language and society system) to prove that we are all the same and live and share the same meanings by simply saying and doing "the same" things in "the same" situations. They are partly or fully captured in cycles, living out of timeflow in a reversible and repetitive reality they believe in and they truly try to live.

Still even these people can't hide their uniqueness from themselves entirelly and definitely not from the view of the reflective, captivated ones. And even if their life-way proves them not to be strong partners in a hunt for new and in permanent increase one's abilities to spin life into a breath-taking line of views, experiences and thoughts - manytimes their own projects, creations or single actions (even the original ways of hiding and self-protection from timeflow) give us unmistakable and not-before-existing inspiration, which is inner to their original nature and which they failed to hide. Many scientists and philosophers would - among others - belong to this "category".

And there are people simply not strong enough to fully reflect on their uniqueness, even if they can feel it and also enjoy it and develop and trace it in a way. Many of them proclaim themselves to be artists by proffesion and their work of art can really be amazing. They consider the art-products to their goals. Most of musicians, movie or theatre directors, visual artists, painters, fiction authors, and also many scientists and philosophers.

All these singular projects we find out and we are interested in even if we don't take their authors for partners on the reflective communication level we catch into our Farcaster Network of Captured Projects.

Thus every reflective mind encode their meanings into the way of use everything necessarily to always re-create their own shaped structures which keep and mirror their personal novelty and the process itself - it can be re-read newly again and re-used by other individuals and this mutual reflected relation produces naturally the feed-back self-organized comunication in time. This is the clearest and highest way of art, the art of life where everything said or done by other people serves as a given material to be reused newly for to achive a new state of mind, net of open possibilities and momentary shape of the world itself.
They are the real life-surfers and even if they might be proclaimed artists, authors, thinkers, philosophers or scientists they only create the texts or pieces of artwork as necessary by-products on their way of getting better skilled, experienced and on the quest for inventing and hunting new levels and thrilling momentary shapes of reflected reality.
This is who we hunt for and every such individual is welcome to get connected. Actually on this point the connection is already done - you knowing of us are already for the rest of your life going to be shaping our net whatever you will be doing from now on.

The people we are aware of their strong and life hunting personalities we catch into the Farcaster Network of Captivated People.