This is not just a theory. Once you're reading these lines, you're already captured (and might be even captivated by now). The initial change's been done. You are aware of our existence now - which is the only thing that matters. Never you get the knowledge out of your head again, it's irreversible, and the amount of curiosity defining your stamina will never let you go forget us completely.

You already make us existing in a unique way by the reflection of your mind - and it simply means that we're naturally becoming larger of the unique and not-before-existing possibilities emerging with this particular and singular virtual connection.

You see - the „warning“ was merely an ironical joke to capture your attention even more quickly – to start "the casting faster“ – nothing’s left for you to be saved from already: the story began in the very moment you put your eyes on this text. In the very moment you got aware of the fact that we would take everything your own reflected existence can ever possibly mean. This is what makes the linkage real and continuously working. Whatever you‘re going to do deliberately with your life from this moment on is simultaneously shaping out the momentary state of Farcaster Net living possibilities, every second newly again. You got unimaginably larger from now on from the outside - and whatever you're going to do is in the same time marking to you the inner limits of your existence: because now your singular reflected being is challanged to turn into new and not-before-existing shape by living interaction with other singulars - from now on your neverending lesson of your own limits starts. Enjoy - otherwise you're just going to be enjoyed. --> Are you gonna stay captured and being used or do you belong by the definition among the captivated?



Ok. It's not a choice at all. It's just that there are people of two sorts in the world. So it's only a matter of reflection - which one you belong to? Ok. Once you even try to reflect on this question we already know. Welcome.