There is a new short movie (by Samuli Salonen) released shot in our residency during Kino Kabaret Praha - has caught Jitka's soul in it

03/11/2011 08:23
  • Jitka's & Samuli Salonen's commentary to that movie:

    Jitka Cardová

    The very first minutes of this movie noone from my friends in the cinema would believe it's not me lying there in my bed. Even I was thinking hard when did he shoot it, caught me so unaware of a camera... Most sensitive and intimate video made during Kino Kabaret Praha to me. Thanks.

    I mean, Samuli, somehow you really cought my soul with this movie. I would never guess you could get so close to my attitude to this place. ... My morning waking up, my selfportrait consulting, then my morning coffee from the Grandma's cup, phone calling with my dear Mum... my dance walk with the pavement patterns and autumn leaves in our street to my park... my taking time to really be in the mood of the seconds, in their space... my joy (even my Joyce)... only I have a bit different pace and larger smile in my eyes... and then my view on Prague as a place where I am and I want to be right now. My Sunday everyday. I'm most grateful for this movie. Jitka

    Sam Son I didn't think about it but maybe I caught you in it and Rita aswell. So maybe I should thank you lending your soul :) Glad to hear your kind words! In the end I was really happy I made it, in some point I hesitate shooting it.

    Jitka Cardová I didn't land my soul. It would be a devil's business, but this is an angel's poetry. My soul is here and you and Rita caught the print of it as if the movements and catching them with your camera-eye simply couldn't be made any different way.

Watch it here:

BTW: Soon there will be a video-mapping of our Residency done - wtill waiting for last movies shot here to make it complete.