No company – no label. But definitively captivated by music

We never planned to run a record label, although we helped several records to get released. Among the other reasons just because we appreciate activities of many independent labels (will be mentioned later) for their endless effort. We never aimed to be typical concert production team, although we organized many public appearances of the bands we love. We never wanted to be taken as definitional/ive musicians, although some of us play and compose and perform with helpless need. Well, Ondřej is the one lucky to express this way, Jitka and Oldřich are nowadays mostly bewitched listeners and reflective partners in explorations.
And of course such a relation to music must have a specific shape. Therefore we set Farcaster Music Department as the space where is gonna be to shown what music means to us.

Once we can see any honest aiming to be led by melodie through harmony articulated in rythm, once we can see a hunt for specific configuration of tones and colors and complex expression, once we can feel a devoted focused dive into playing, captivation, those are the moments when Farcaster's sense of music gets alive and hungry for more.
Let us inform you about those occasions and set up projects and spread ideas, which allow this to happen and don't hesitate to inform us about those we haven’t caught here yet.


Ondřej's band: DisQuiet
What is actual? > bandzone.cz/viviensquiet


In Search for an Inventive Drummer

Our friend and current drummer Honza Topinka is leaving to live and study in UK and DisQuiet is ready to transform with a new strong personality who would like to join us and help to redefine.

Check more information and our music here: https://bandzone.cz/disquiet