Artist: Jitka, June 2o11

The PhotoComposition:

The Story Behind

My Longest Lasting Relation - 13 Years and Counting On

22/08/2011 09:50
"Only me and her were taking the photos and it was very imtimate and personal process. The composition tells with every line, feature and gaze about how we perfectly fit to each other [...] we did it patiently and deliberately and got even closer to each other through this touching goobye. Because even if we're both still breathing and Miss Littlehorsie is doing well the death can enter any minute now in the most natural way and we feel that everything important has been reflected and made visible to be remembered and better and deeper understood till the end of time. That we have perfectly experienced, understood and expressed the meaning and importance of our intertwined existence."   Though...

Commentaries on Relationship Composition

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