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We spent the whole year 2o13 in India and Nepal to escape disturbances and achieve new quality of concentration and consciousness and find new tools even for a satisfying life in Europe

15/01/2014 08:32
Both the website and the physical B-12 residency were put to sort of hibernation during the year 2o13 for all the 3 of us left from Europe on 30 Dec 2o12. We spent all the year in India and Nepal - most of the time just thinking, discusing, and again and again reconsidering our life-situation - we...

6. 5. Fullmoon in Progress

22/05/2012 12:29
The greatest fullmoon came as a breaking point, marking both for society and individuals the final turn into irreversible and crucial changes... nothing gonna stay same, the gates are open and we should take a sharp look on who we are without all those old restrictions and what powers we truly...

and yet another Pff 2o12

12/01/2012 18:56
Wishing you to be able to finish even the most crazy projects succesfully and on time: The work is 3m x 1,8 m large, made only with the single tiny brush documented on the photo. It's like a catched history of mind structuralizing reflections - from caligraphic (top) to art-design...

Happy to introduce our new resident: TER WUNSCH.

08/01/2012 00:24
An expressive visual artist, Chi Neng Qigong instructor, body&mind traveler and wild expressive soul - check more here.

Dopis paní Věře Linhartové

26/12/2011 03:06
Pouštím jej po větru, třeba k Vám konečně po některé z tisíců steziček doputuje: pani Vere Linhartove.pdf (23,1 kB)

PF 2o12

25/12/2011 18:00

Farcaster presents a short-art-movies sellection

24/12/2011 19:00
Short-art-movies which were filmed in our B-12 Residency during Kino Kabaret Praha 2o11 - and some of them even made by us  

Byli jsme pohrobky ještě za života svých mistrů a mudrců a dnes, se smrtí Václava Havla, jsme dosiřeli – aneb jednohlasý povolávací generační manifest

21/12/2011 00:55
ve formátu pdf zde  

New Site&Spec ArtWork Added: Posslible Loveletter from Marble Reflection

04/11/2011 09:15
 Possible LoveLetter from Marble Reflection  ...where Marbles represent the most complex beauty of the whole personality mirroring in all time&space dimensions through.  

Remembrance of the Dead: 02-11-2011

03/11/2011 08:35
Click on the photo to see the whole related gallery: I bought several new clothes today. For today's the day to remember our dead. In my life I've already lost several important people. And I invented a habit to buy a new dress (I'm only rarely buing me clothes) in connection with every death...
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