Fullmoon in Progress

So came the greatest fullmoon ever so far my awaken body and mind remember. It spoke ‘bout the extent of patience, ‘bout one cycle coming to the end and another begining. ... I’m once again left alone in the world, unbreakably connected only with my mother through a lineage and I do possess genuine power and serenity and stable craving to continue persistently on. It couldn’t have happened differently, I guess, for I can tell myself in this solitude, another milestone‘s over, and me so light and transparent, not detained or restricted any longer. Maybe in the world there are the women-mistresses, the women-sisters, the women-mothers, the women-mothers of tribes and lineages and the women-mothers of life itself. And always the letter mentioned embrace all the former ones, yet don’t subordinate to their horizons. Perhaps I just belong to those very last mothers and can’t be satisfied with any minor fate.