The Farcaster Network is an instantaneous communication device which allows the curious and unpredictable re-shaping of the worlds of reflective and creative individual minds through the universe.

The name of Farcaster comes from Dan Simmons Hyperion (as I make the idea of "WorldWeb" real).

1000 characters description:

Farcaster NGO: established by Jitka Cardová in Prague 2011, as a result of her long lasting thoughts, reflections and activities and her neverending discussions & talks to 2 other people deeply and entirely associated with her life: Ondřej Cakl & Oldřich Vágner. The intention is a life development itself: I'm here only to change & get changed within the world every new minute in the most suprising, yet most logical way and the world changes unpredictably with me even for you. I'm here to naturally provoke and stimulate - with an intrinsic supreme, yet pleased irony - reflective existential creativity & invent and explore new intellectual, sensual, emmotional, social, communication, cultural and other ways of organic development of life in time - far beyond both the scientific and philosophical academical simplifications.

Farcasters have no special interest field limitations, as the aim is to stress, communicate & deepen each individual complex reflection and understanding on any suitable activity at a time. My creativity is finally purely focused on the process of reflection itself, and I only happen to produce some creative results (original events, objects, situations or texts etc.) strictly as side-products of serious extracting new meanings which things, activities, theories and relations can give me in time.

The basic challenge is to develop a time-changing fluid Farcaster Network of vividly interactive people I’d capture all over the globe by tracks of my unique life and ways of communication – and to gain this way a sharp and quick global self-emerging tool for developing new organic possibilities of life in the timeflow.

Therefore consider this website strictly for a kind of starting Demoverse before the right number of fluently connected people is atracted and the net grows large enough to change unpredictably even this initial platform.

Much more poetic explanation:

The living principles of personal and social use of such a web are much more related to Greg Egan's vision of a mankind development as described in Permutation City or even more fascinating way in Diaspora.

The main and actually only purpose is to keep essential changing of the living possibilities among the real individuals who use everything new to slip deliberately and reasonably from every past state into new, without insisting on a preservation of anything already known a second ago. Every achieved state of mind/world/net is here only and exactly to open immediately a new and logically inevitable way into elswhere.

Every move of body and mind is only worthy to gain us a new present state of understanding and possibilities - to make us reflect - to be used in some new, more complex and not-before-existing way again - to gain a gain again and again. That's how to build up the awareness of time and consciousness of being alive. That's how to put a meaning and understanding into life itself, always breathtakingly enlarged. That's how to feel every second uncertain of the upcoming moment and therefore certainly alive and thrilled.

Constant deliberate abandoning, slipping out of the old forms of our thoughts, experiences, shapes and relations to give them - captivated - new meanings by the processual interaction with the other creative strangers. No matter if the ways of interaction take place in particular on the field of "art", "philosophy", "science", "technology" or "relationships" etc.

NEWS in short

We spent the whole year 2o13 in India and Nepal to escape disturbances and achieve new quality of concentration and consciousness and find new tools even for a satisfying life in Europe

15/01/2014 08:32
Both the website and the physical B-12 residency were put to sort of hibernation during the year 2o13 for all the 3 of us left from Europe on 30 Dec 2o12. We spent all the year in India and Nepal - most of the time just thinking, discusing, and again and again reconsidering our life-situation - we...

6. 5. Fullmoon in Progress

22/05/2012 12:29
The greatest fullmoon came as a breaking point, marking both for society and individuals the final turn into irreversible and crucial changes... nothing gonna stay same, the gates are open and we should take a sharp look on who we are without all those old restrictions and what powers we truly...

and yet another Pff 2o12

12/01/2012 18:56
Wishing you to be able to finish even the most crazy projects succesfully and on time: The work is 3m x 1,8 m large, made only with the single tiny brush documented on the photo. It's like a catched history of mind structuralizing reflections - from caligraphic (top) to art-design...

Happy to introduce our new resident: TER WUNSCH.

08/01/2012 00:24
An expressive visual artist, Chi Neng Qigong instructor, body&mind traveler and wild expressive soul - check more here.

Dopis paní Věře Linhartové

26/12/2011 03:06
Pouštím jej po větru, třeba k Vám konečně po některé z tisíců steziček doputuje: pani Vere Linhartove.pdf (23,1 kB)

PF 2o12

25/12/2011 18:00

Farcaster presents a short-art-movies sellection

24/12/2011 19:00
Short-art-movies which were filmed in our B-12 Residency during Kino Kabaret Praha 2o11 - and some of them even made by us  

Byli jsme pohrobky ještě za života svých mistrů a mudrců a dnes, se smrtí Václava Havla, jsme dosiřeli – aneb jednohlasý povolávací generační manifest

21/12/2011 00:55
ve formátu pdf zde  

New Site&Spec ArtWork Added: Posslible Loveletter from Marble Reflection

04/11/2011 09:15
 Possible LoveLetter from Marble Reflection  ...where Marbles represent the most complex beauty of the whole personality mirroring in all time&space dimensions through.  

Remembrance of the Dead: 02-11-2011

03/11/2011 08:35
Click on the photo to see the whole related gallery: I bought several new clothes today. For today's the day to remember our dead. In my life I've already lost several important people. And I invented a habit to buy a new dress (I'm only rarely buing me clothes) in connection with every death...

There is a new short movie (by Samuli Salonen) released shot in our residency during Kino Kabaret Praha - has caught Jitka's soul in it

03/11/2011 08:23
Jitka's & Samuli Salonen's commentary to that movie: Jitka Cardová The very first minutes of this movie noone from my friends in the cinema would believe it's not me lying there in my bed. Even I was thinking hard when did he shoot it, caught me so unaware of a...

KINO KABARET PRAHA - we finished our first movie - THE JOURNEY videoclip

24/10/2011 18:10
We are proud to announce that we have finally finished the editing of videoclip for DisQuiet's song The Journey. The whole backround story about "The Journey" is big, covering several years of our lives and wild and crucial experiences - this videoclip is only a tip of iceberg - nevertheless it...

In Search for an Inventive Drummer

24/10/2011 18:08
Our friend and current drummer of DisQuiet band Honza Topinka is leaving to live and study in UK and DisQuiet is ready to transform with a new strong personality who would like to join us and help to redefine. Check more information and our music here:  

New Site&MomentSpecific Added: My Sonny Day Photostory

17/10/2011 08:27
My Sonny Day Photostory

Farcaster applied for Szpilman Award 2o11

08/10/2011 13:18
Pleasure to announce that Farcaster applied for Szpilman Award 2o11 which is annualy awarded to those art works that exist only for a moment or a short period of time and are provoked into existence by an ephemeral situation. Farcaster decided to send two applications in total this year. One is...


29/09/2011 11:09
We are shooting&editing short movies with KinoKabaret and in the meantime Jitka is translating a story to be published soon which is about a group of guys who decide to shoot&edit 17 seconds of a unique protoflight of a trully fantastic flying machine - they'd do it as a reconstruction of...

Farcaster makes videoclip for Disquiet with Kino Kabaret Praha - public screening in a NoD Roxy cinema Sept 28

28/09/2011 03:30
  Farcaster plus Kino Kabaret Praha: we work on a videoclip to The Journey, the newly released song by Disquiet. After 12 hours of shooting and 4 hours of watching and discussing the materials we started with the editing. It’s 3:13 am and we still continue. The deadline is 8pm tomorrow,...

Filming started! Videoclip in Divadlo Na zábradlí

27/09/2011 00:05
We already started filming with Kino Kabaret. The filmmakers are brilliant, experienced, smart, closely observing and alert, quick and ready - pleasure to be among them, converse and work with them and have them around in our B-12 Residency. We started to work seriously on a videoclip for a song...

Farcaster is an official partner of international workshop Kino Kabaret Praha 2o11

31/08/2011 20:48
SHORT FILMS IN 3 x 33 HOURS! ** SEPTEMBER 27 to OCTOBER 2, 2011 "Do you want to shoot films in Prague? Do you want to meet film makers from all over the world and make new friends? Do you want to be a film star for a while? Do you want to see your film on the silver screen Prague’s coolest...

Added Photos to Pali Díaz Residential Event

28/08/2011 03:44
For the whole story and more photos of Pali's stay at B12 just click here.

My Summer Opinion on ART

27/08/2011 09:36