Greg Egan, Australian hard scifi writer, and a great inspirator
of the not before existing principles of human development and its logical consecvences

both for the people captured in societies (worshipers of the sameness, believers in comunity)

and individuals captivated by the beauty (and solitude) of uniqueness.

I might be one of his solitair characters haven't been a step ahead by being already alive, creating them so beautiful by reading ;)

So far I know only about two living brains on the todays planet who are strong enough

to understand the principles of human development and yet invent them hungrily further & faster, diasporicaly slipping into new and leaving all the yesterday personalities and universes behind to get amazed once again by the life itself on the top of the wave - and fall into new, again.

It's Greg Egan and Christopher Nolan. Both following the same natural process of human unique development, it only seems that one sends the people out to the open universe, technically setting them free from the laws of 3D physics and the other sends them for the same into the depth of their minds. But mathematically and logically it's just the same dimensions entered - the dimensions between two moments, between two points (Achilles and the tortoise phenomenon) - you get there when you slow down the time of proceeding enough to be able to break voluntarily the process of realizing/seeing/shaping/making any meaning before it can be finished with any usual result. Then you focus on what you achieved and do it again - and again and again - and you dig a hole into elswere. And there you can do it again, different directions. ... Diaspora. Or lucid "dreaming" levels. Mastered creating itself.)